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August 30th, 2009 11:23 PM

Dear Friends,

As I'm writing this week's TeamBlog, the heat and the billowing smoke from the wildfires encircling Los Angeles is truly menacing. This hot, muggy, August night resembles a description of a locale in a passage of a manuscript, perhaps written by Tennessee Williams or the likes of Truman Capote. I rarely perspire profusely, however on this particular evening living without the modern accoutrements of air conditioning, the cool ocean breeze so willing in making its presence known on so many occasions, is not forthcoming. 

I was scheduled to write about my views in regards to health reform today, but I've decided to postpone my involvement in an issue which needs a methodical temperament in its formulation and research. Time and patience are the key words which are required in any review of major legislation which affects the lives of all Americans. It comes to mind such advice and consent is nowhere to be found in the halls and corridors of government in Washington. In due course, a thoughtful and thorough examination will eventually occur.

As you are aware, Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts passed away at the age of 77, a few days ago. Edward was laid to rest just yesterday, alongside his slain brothers, John and Robert at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington.

The Kennedy family will always be remembered by all Americans. When you remember someone from a distance, you can encapsulate or compartmentalize in your mind the specific attributes, details or glimpses which may have drawn your recollections. Public figures can be viewed or perceived as larger than life or humble aspirants of humility. The formation of this composite can be the handiwork of those individuals that have come to know the person well, the force of personality, the predilections of journalists in regards to one's intellect or demeanor and in later years, the opinions and research of historians towards the collective aspects and the volumes of work devoted to the aspirations of his convictions.  

Public service in America today is no longer recognized as a profession worthy of participation or of high esteem. The lack of respect of those in public office is a foregone conclusion. Greed, corruption, incompetence, hubris and avarice are just several of the buzz words devoted entirely to the behaviors of those in government. With this sad backdrop, judgements and opinions in regards to Senator Kennedy's record in government, the tragedies enveloping his family and the painful, tragic occurrence of a misbegotten event in 1969, has been rising to the housetops towards a scheduled denouement.

We must understand ourselves reasonably well to know that to judge others under these circumstances is not an honorable pursuit sanctioned by the Almighty, as He is the only one capable of so doing. By all accounts, we know Senator Kennedy was engagingly devoted to his beloved family, a hard worker concentrating his efforts on egalitarian causes and did his best to secure a vision of helping the downtrodden and the implementation of universal health care for all Americans. His deep focus in mastering legislation for passage by both chambers during a span of 47 years, is a testament to the passion he engineered as the most prolific legislator in US Senatorial history. This is an accomplishment few in government can ever hope to realize.

While the Catholic faith was a dominant presence in the Kennedy family, his pro-choice stance was certainly counter to the doctrines and beliefs of the church. This ironic and disturbing contradiction is perplexing and allows some to reach a troubling conclusion of false assumptions in his rationale for the existence and approval of measures to terminate life in the womb. Perhaps this debate is scheduled for another day, as numerous members of government, by embracing their faith in Catholicism and acceptance of pro-choice measures, adjust their public personas to coincide with an incongruous outpouring of compassion. Be that as it may, as members of the Catholic church, by partaking of concepts contrary to the teachings of a religion which offers genuine forgiveness for such indiscretions, the consequences of taciturn displays of faith in public, ultimately results in one's spiritual detriment. 

Coming from a wealthy family, there was no need to be anxious in regards to income. While money was not a source for worry, public service was the ultimate engine that ran the soul and fervor of the Kennedy family. I can only surmise the tragic assassinations of both older brothers, Jack and Robert in a span of less than 5 years, must have weighed heavily on his overall emotional wellbeing. Even in his own personal life, there were tragedies which are well known and documented for all of us to observe. While fate delivers a future destiny we can never know, Senator Kennedy did his best to overcome the pain many of us could not or could ever hope to endure. He comforted Jacqueline, her children and his brother Robert when President Kennedy was slain. He comforted a nation in a moving heartbreaking eulogy for his brother Robert, where all Americans wept uncontrollably at the loss of an extraordinary force for good. The words uttered that day in June of 1968 were written to convey the love we all seek, to heal the wounds of despair and hate during a year of horrific torment. 

At the 1980 Democratic Convention he gave the speech of a lifetime, where he conveyed the sacrifices of those eager to continue the vision promulgated by his brothers before him, even though he was unable to garner the helm of approval by the public at large during the primaries or by his party peers.

In a sense, a man's life in the public arena can never be his own. There are a multitude of challenges which envelop a public servant in today's society, where every movement, nuance or utterance is under an Orwellian authority maneuvered for our edification. Under these factors, one's character and integrity comes to be known. In Scripture, in Matthew 10:26 it is mentioned 'for nothing is covered that will not be revealed or hidden that will not be known.'

Senator Kennedy lived his life the best way he knew how. Americans are indeed grateful for lending his voice to causes unheralded by others in power or in influence. His devotion towards a dream where justice is paramount above all else, is universal. All of us have dreams. Our dreams can be big or small. To know if our dreams are worthy of promise or fruition is when we know its benevolent mission has been accomplished. For some of us, we know the answer.

Our sincere condolences and our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kennedy family, friends and colleagues. It was just a short time ago Eunice was called home. May Peace surround the hearts of those who mourn for a brother and sister we will soon never forget. 

Please view a small portion of Senator Kennedy's concession speech at the 1980 Democratic Convention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k09ZBa_DO4Y 

Thanks Again          



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