February 2nd, 2019 5:17 PM

Dear Friends,

I've always been a dog lover! It's true - a dog is man's best friend! For years now, I've been 'dog sitting' as I have friends that trust me to look after their dogs when they are on vacation or a short trip out of town.

Last Summer I helped my friend Linda. She lived in Huntington Beach at the time and I stayed at her home looking over a most well behaved dog, by the name of Bentley. He never barked and followed me everywhere. Bentley would wake me up at the crack of dawn by jumping up and down. You could feel the shaking and I knew it was time to let Bentley out of the house so he could 'take care of business'. He always sat by me while I was reviewing my emails, watching television or having a bite to eat. I miss Bentley just by writing about him!

Now Linda's daughter Melissa, is a Realtor at the Hollywood office of Keller-Williams. I've known Melissa for at least 20 years and she and her beloved daughter Gia have a true love affair with dogs! As of today, there are 5 dogs in their family. Brighton, Diego, Chanel, Max and Lulu are the most beautiful, loving members of the Zee family one can ever imagine. I would have to say that Brighton, the oldest dog of the bunch is my favorite as he's well behaved and always wants to sit on my lap! While the other family members do bark on a regular basis, chew on furniture or run around the house uncontrollably at times, you can't stop loving them as your heart melts just looking at them!

I'm also helping a friend watch his dogs while he's on vacation. Jonathan is a real estate investor and is currently traveling in the Philippines. Since I've known Jonathan, he has owned at least 12 chihuahuas! Several of the chihuahuas were lost, stolen or just disappeared from sight! There are only two dogs left and they have unique names. They are 9 and 10. Both dogs have been around for awhile and are known around the neighborhood for their precocious ability to be recognized.

I'm also helping Jonathan's Realtor Raquel take care of her poodle Weazy, as she left him in my care, as she also went to visit her family in Manila. Weazy is a funny dog as he likes to play with his pink stuffed owl. Weazy follows me everywhere and he rarely barks. He's very energetic, as I'm reminded by his enthusiasm to take him on walks around the neighborhood every morning. Weazy has helped me by walking for at least 20 minutes every day. This is the exercise that I truly need! I've also met other folks as they walk their dogs around the block. I've become friends with dog owners in the neighborhood, just in the short time I've been out and about with Weazy.

It's a wonderful feeling to be wanted and to be loved unconditionally! In our lives today with all the stress and division that is commonplace in human nature, living a dog's life might be considered a reminder on how to live without tears.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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