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November 2nd, 2019 3:39 PM

Dear Friends,

Just this afternoon, I decided to vent my frustrations on a culture in which disrespect has become the main infatuation of those that utilize their power individually or collectively. In a previous post, I mentioned my excitement the Washington Nationals were in the World Series and I was rooting for their success. Last Sunday was the 5th game of the Series and the President and the First Lady arrived at the Stadium during the 1st inning. When their presence was broadcast on the Jumbotron, a good number of the fans began to 'Boo' and chanted 'Lock Him Up' in unison. The impertinence that was viewed by many around the world, has contributed to the unraveling culture in America that continues its repugnancy among a vocal, disjointed minority. Their misanthropic character and disgruntled personalities were diagnosed many years ago. This affliction has risen exponentially today, in its hatred of those with logical, discerning viewpoints and ironically, of those accepting domestic and foreign policies that have created resounding accomplishments. The dispiriting graphic actions of fans in DC, has created a bittersweet decision in support for the Washington Nationals to win the World Series. The comeuppance for their disrespect was noted, when the team lost all 3 home games, robbing the fans of a genuine and authentic spirit of celebration. All of this was due to the questionable energy fabricated inside the Stadium.

When this nation hears the Governor of New York's rude remarks in which he disrespects the President and his family by saying 'Good Riddance' -  as the First Family will no longer permanently reside in Manhattan - his hatred for this man and loved ones is a disorder that can only be pitied. A similar transgression occurred when the Mayor of New York uttered similar contemptible remarks by saying, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out, or whatever."

The verbiage used to create an atmosphere of hatred originated and has infiltrated Washington DC - the moment this businessman announced his candidacy in the Summer of 2015. While he is an 'outsider' and has never held a political office, his stunning victory in the 2016 General Election has created a mental disruption so severely intense - it has been diagnosed as 'Trump Derangement Syndrome.' The affliction of this disease has consumed the Democratic Party, the government establishment known as the 'Deep State', the biased Media and everyone with leftist, Socialist and Communist leanings eager to dismantle the Constitution that empowers 'We The People' from our basic human rights and personal sovereignty. Celebrities and sport figures with million dollar earnings do not appreciate a society that has allowed them the freedom and the income to live in abundance. When Americans hear the whining from these people, it just reinforces our understanding their mental disabilities have overtaken their intelligence and intellectual capacity for common sense. 

The continued attempts to 'impeach' the President 'by all means necessary', is attributed to those that disrespect the American people by ignoring the wishes of its electorate. The aftermath of the 2016 General Election, has uncovered a tremendous amount of indiscretions. Coup attempts by US law enforcement agencies and clandestine operatives within government, are destroying their reputations and the confidence Americans once bestowed on their ability to protect the country from harm. 

We are living in dangerous times but as I've mentioned in previous Posts, the protection of this Republic and its President has been predetermined. It is true - there is an evil component in American society today - in which Judeo-Christian values by a minority of Americans, are no longer viewed with respect. It is truly unfortunate a minority of Americans with the aforementioned disorder - can be healed from their impairment.

In 1 Year the American people will cast their ballots for President. The decision to live in a Republic that respects the Constitution - will be the prescription that many of our wayward souls require for their healing. Never be discouraged - as the Dear Lord 'is in control.'

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on November 2nd, 2019 3:39 PMPost a Comment

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