April 28th, 2018 3:31 PM

Dear Friends,

The onset of wisdom during a pivotal moment in our lives, has reinforced a sad realization that we live in a dangerous world where evil surrounds attempts to live life abundantly and in peace. It is troublesome to be constantly reminded of circumstances devoid of integrity, respectability and above all - the truth. It is obvious we no longer have the blind trust we've had as children. In this day and age when technology has overpowered personal relationships, the demise in the human condition has intensified. This rationale is enforced when experiences of hatred, division and dishonesty continue its pattern of abuse, choreographed through shocking revelations, logic or happenstance. Out of this association, one can ascertain the motivations of the individual, the entities or the concepts involved. When we interpret the actions of those unable or unwilling to understand their misguided desires for destruction, one can find several outstanding factors that have taken over one's ethical standards of behavior.

As a result of one's personal history, there are deep and profound past modules of conduct that have intercepted the normal cognitive abilities of children, when abuse of any kind has harmed the capacity to distinguish right from wrong. In later years as adults, an advance in mental disorders has increased and has taken its toll within various vestiges of society. This diagnosis has risen from the vacillation of circumstances deemed inappropriate when expressed throughout all dimensions of one's environment, and most importantly, through the lack of constructive personal relationships. In plain English, the trust we no longer have in others can prolong one's suffering when one has feelings of rejection or one has been totally abandoned. This behavior is corrosive and detrimental when chronic hatred overpowers one's capacity to judge circumstances intelligently. Consequently, the freedom to engage in meaningful and uplifting dialogue when one's spirit is responsive towards the needs of others, has dissipated.

In this country, there are powerful forces that have unwittingly conspired to eradicate logic, the pursuit of prudence and authenticity in all aspects of interaction. The culprits in divisiveness are considered members of the main street media, an establishment of 'deep state' Washington ideologues, an opposition political party, the entertainment industry, the public educational system, and a population considered to exhibit obsequious predilections while the uniformed or uneducated are to be pitied. It is my contention this conglomerate of entities have an active disdain for Judeo-Christian values that are espoused in the Constitution. While Americans live in a constitutional republic, the incessant activities of a 'progressive' ideology that advances socialism and control of everything in our midst, is an activity abhorrent to Americans that love this country.

Every day Americans of a discerning independent temperament are subjected to a deluge of incongruous attacks on one's dignity. Here in California, where years of unorthodox and incompetent governance is in full effect, the egregious ineptitude of those in power has decimated the fiduciary relationship towards its citizens. While I can continue venting my disgust with these forces, the time is fast approaching when the inhabitants of this great nation and in California, will vote for their preservation to end this madness, once and for all. 

 Thanks again for your continuous support.

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