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January 11th, 2015 7:15 PM

Dear Friends,
We are now experiencing the circumstances that have begun to take effect from the anomalies of 2014, during the first 11 days of the New Year. After the tumult of previous years, I wish for this to be a time that everyone escalates their conscious presence, destroy any remnants of cognitive dissonance and embrace beliefs in acquiring and utilizing concepts of a discerning spirit.

In this country, the ability to ascertain if the concepts of governance by a collective body  establishes goodwill, is easier said then done. The re-election of the Speaker of the House was a few votes shy of a 2nd ballot. The voice of the American people was again thwarted by the sad refrain of behavior that only rewards those deep in the practices of self-absorption. Even though there is a majority of one party in the House and Senate, I strongly suspect deja vu will happen all over again in regards to the responsibilities of upholding the liberties of the American people. The continued desire of government and their surrogates to control everything imaginable under the sun, is the prevalent mental challenge freedom loving Americans have known to exist by its subjugation in their daily lives.
We as Americans know the score. The recent past has elevated our understanding in the manner others communicate their misdirected tendencies. Many Americans are not as trusting or as open in revealing their convictions as in times past. The harm and abuse of telling the truth or using logical concepts of deduction to resolve problems, is looked upon with disdain by those that have a disposition to ostracize and destroy one's opposition by any means necessary, if the solution is viewed as contrary to their intentions. America has become a nation that has reluctantly abandoned common sense and has lost its courage to state the obvious. When you have powerful controlling interests manipulating and obfuscating the truth without abandon, one's optimism for the future looks bleak indeed.

Any rational individual has been given the mental capacity to decipher actions or conclusions, that run counter to charitable and magnanimous teachings.
When the entire world recognizes the intensity of evil as occurred in France this past week, the outcry is monumental. Violence of this magnitude is the profound cause of sadness and the ruin of civilization. While there are powerful interests that portray the realities of the human condition in a 'politically correct' bastardization of the truth, the consequences are dangerous and enormous.The hesitance to voice one's integrity inspired opinions, has created an unease in the general and outwardly perception of reality. The continued fight to dismantle the truth by determined and powerful forces through ridicule or exclusion from a community, are actions that precipitate social disorder. The strength of our convictions is sustained, by ending instructions from entities portraying false compassion and concern for the plight of its citizens. This masquerade has abruptly catapulted a European nation towards solidarity, to end the language that misleads and the violence it perpetrates.
May this be the year in which the 'light of the world' begins to fill our hearts with affection and love for our neighbor.
Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 11th, 2015 7:15 PMPost a Comment

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