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Dear Friends,
For the rest of this month and through the first week of the New Year, I've decided to end an association with all details of political intrigue and concentrate my efforts in absorbing the Christmas Spirit that I have missed, and can still remember from years past. Politics has become an excursion in digging. Excavating dishonesty, following the money and dissecting the ulterior motives of corrupt politicians and their henchmen, in any community, can be considered a dirty business. To extricate oneself from the atmosphere of these malcontents by any means, especially in Washington DC, is to fill one's lungs with fresh and clean air that can restore one's faith in democracy. This analogy and my convictions are sincere, even though I currently reside in smog conscious Los Angeles. Nevertheless, in America today, all of us require an environment free of toxic elements. Any intelligent individual can see the mental disturbance of those in elective office and their surrogates. Their capacity to utilize verbiage and expressions that incorporate elements of deception and delusion, is the basis of their confidence and strength.
When the American people are called 'stupid' by the professor hired by this government to draft the Affordable Care Act, lies upon lies is the modus operandi of those that have suddenly lost their memory of knowing this person and his attempts to defraud the American people of their health care. The obsession by government, media and big business in concerted efforts to mislead the American people on everything of importance, is an illness many intelligent Americans have noticed and disdain by its protracted consequences.
While this daily exercise in bereavement of our freedoms continues unabated, many law abiding, patriotic and thought provoking Americans are being scorned and persecuted by a relentless minority, unwilling to embrace the culture or the history of a nation founded by values incorporated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Many of us are living in a society that no longer has a vivid rationale for the holidays and have subsequently misplaced their love for Christmas. Attempts to secure bargains at the local shopping mall by waiting in line for days on end, the mad occurrences of shoving, screaming and the complete absence of civility, has become a yearly occurrence. While $99 for a flat screen TV is a steal, this activity is harmless compared to the violence and the lawlessness Americans have witnessed up close, or ironically on television, whether viewed on a flat screen or a hand held device.

This Holiday Season, America requires a Healing Spirit, brought to life by a downpour of
 Healing Rain.
The inability to change one's perception of a neighbor that poses no harm, or continuing a habit of never questioning the motives of authority figures that have a direct impact on a community, are circumstances that need to be explored in a methodical and rational level. The capacity to know the truth or to have the truth revealed, offers the wisest path to overcome any and all challenges. We are given a period during the Holidays to change direction and to live our lives to the fullest. Many of us are saddened by those that disparage the true meaning of the celebration of Christmas  Peace, goodwill and the ability to assist others in hardship, are examples everyone should embrace at all times, regardless of the period. Unfortunately, during these past several years, violence in all of its manifestations and the debasement of religious aspects of America's heritage and culture, has increasingly injured the joy of those that seek the comfort and the blessings of the Christmas Spirit, in their daily lives.

It's common knowledge that memories of children are much different in scope than the observation of adults. The other day I sat in my bedroom in total silence, doing my best to remember childhood experiences during Christmas. At this stage of my life, I can recall
the good times I enjoyed with my family and the sadness I felt when I was separated from my beloved parents for over 4 years.
As a boy in Havana, I remember placing my brown shoes outside the front door of our apartment, with a note inside asking for toys from the Three Wise Men. I never knew Santa Claus and he was nowhere to be found, as he did not make his presence known. Christmas was celebrated on January 6th of each year on the island, not on December 25th here in the US and in other parts of the world.
When I came to the US with my 2 older brothers as refugees, we lived in a Catholic boarding home in Detroit. I remember celebrating Christmas and I was delighted playing in the snow for the first time! That Christmas Day in 1962, I received a toy that I adored! I do not remember who gave me the gift, but I was thrilled to have GAYLORD, the battery operated Basset Hound as my newest companion! I was eager to play with this mechanical dog for hours. I do not recall if the Sisters were thrilled to see me play but I sensed they had a soft spot for me. I remember the trip to downtown Detroit and viewed all the bright Christmas lights, decorations and the shiny ornaments on the trees. I also remember entering Hudson's department store and viewed their magnificent displays of Christmas merchandise..

Several years later my brothers and I were reunited with our parents. I'll always remember that first Christmas we celebrated. My father purchased an aluminum Christmas Tree. I guess that was in vogue during this time. Just being with my family, gave me much happiness! I was excited as can be and so many years later, I have fond memories of this time in my life.
As a youngster and as an adult, the idea of giving, sharing with others and being on your best behavior is a concept that never tires one's imagination. Since those early years, the Spirit of Christmas still reigns in my heart, in the manner In which I devote my efforts to help alleviate thoughts of despondency or neglect in children. The Team Tot Toy Drive in which we gather toys for the disadvantaged, is an outlet conceived to lift the spirits of youngsters. Our drive just ended last week and I thank everyone that made a child's Christmas a special one.
For many of us, December can be a difficult or anxious month with added stress, the strain of responsibilities in the home or office and the planning of family gatherings. I remember the passing of my beloved Mother that occurred during the Holidays many years ago. Her presence as well as my father's are still thriving and alive, as wonderful memories continue to provide a lift, from all the pain we've suffered in the past.
While there are problems in our nation and in our personal lives, this Season I'm celebrating life as it was meant to be enjoyed. Tribulations will be placed on the back burner to be resolved on another day!
Let's hope for the best!
I wish you, your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas!

As an American born in Havana, the announcement by the head of this government in efforts to normalize diplomatic relations with an oppressive Communist regime, has many of us questioning the motives behind this action. An upcoming post will detail my views on this development, once my sabbatical from such matters of opinion, comes to a conclusion early next year.

Thanks Again

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