March 26th, 2020 6:44 AM

Dear Friends,

It will be 222 days until the General Election that will occur on November 3rd, 2020. As of today, the political landscape has changed in which the former Vice President is the odds on favorite to be the Democratic Presidential nominee to run against the incumbent. JOE has amassed a good number of delegates over BERNIE the Senator of Vermont. JOE'S nomination is assured, as a majority of 'established' Democratic Party members known as 'Super Delegates', will support his installment as the party's standard bearer, presumably without hesitation.

Since JOE began his campaign for President, the entire country has noticed his inability under many occasions to express himself in a logical, focused and rational manner. This mental affliction disturbs many Americans, as the responsibilities of the Chief Executive are overwhelming, as decisions are made that can change the lives of its citizens. As an Independent 'swing voter' I am gravely concerned that JOE is unable to carry out the duties a President must undertake 'to serve, protect and defend' the Constitution and the nation during his time in office if he is to become President. 

BERNIE was defeated in many of the primaries due to his views that reflect ideologies similar in scope to Socialism or outright Communism. The voters decided to choose JOE, as he is considered a 'moderate' even though his views reflect basic allegiances towards policies that foster Socialism in resolving various national problems.

 Americans are suffering the effects of the Coronavirus. As required, JOE in my humble opinion, has not provided the confidence, influence nor the advice a gentleman of his importance must fulfill, in order to garner the credibility of the American public. Notwithstanding, JOE has been in isolation recently, and his latest attempt to speak publicly was perplexing.

The American people insist on a Chief Executive that has an aggressive energy to confront foreign or domestic conflicts that are encountered on any given day. In all sincerity, this post is not to disparage the former Vice President. The American people question those that have allowed him to pursue a monumental position with the highest amount of stress, knowing full well of his affliction and future repercussions if elected.

 In 222 days, America will decide on a Democratic or Republican government and its Leader - that has the power in assisting our lives by enabling the peace of mind we all seek.

 An update will be posted in 111 days.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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