October 25th, 2019 12:59 PM

Dear Friends,

I reviewed the various locations in which the Team Blog has been read, and I noticed there are nations that have become regular patrons due to the content written. The Team Blog has changed its focus throughout the years, and the voluminous rise in readership is a goal in which the truth - continues to be appreciated.

After an examination of the numerous countries that have become familiar with the various subjects presented, one can surmise there is a yearning for an impartial, intelligent and truthful dialogue that supports one's righteous character. I imagine the collective experiences we've had throughout our lives, determines our understanding of human nature. There are locales in this world that hamper its population, by an oppressive approach in controlling all aspects of living life to its fullest. I'm aware of this circumstance, as I too have lived under Communism at one time in my life.

In the past few days, China, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Poland, Azerbaijan and other European countries and communities in America, have logged on to read the Team Blog. Due to the success of the Blog over the years, the truth will always be the impetus in everything that is written.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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